While going through a divorce the best actions you can take for your case are those that may not feel right. Making choices based on your emotions could greatly, and often negatively, affect your outcome in the end. It’s natural to feel this way. Most of the time you view everything with your spouse as a battle and want to do everything in your power to control the situation. It can end up costing you financially, but more importantly taking an emotional toll on you and your family. It is very easy to make yourself your own worst enemy by engaging in the examples listed below:

1.Emptying your bank/financial accounts

Emptying bank accounts to leave the other person penniless can feel satisfying at the beginning. In reality, this action can work against you by causing more work for your attorney and casting you in a negative light with the Court. Such an action can also negatively impact your children.

2.) Withholding visitation without a reasonable concern

We know that it’s difficult to welcome change in our lives,especially when you have created a whole life with your spouse and around your children. By withholding visitation of your children from the other parent without a legitimate concern, the Court will often find that you have not acted in the best interest of your children. This can effect your argument for custody and visitation.  

3.) Social Media Posts

We understand that you are going through one of most emotional experiences a person can go through but there is not any reason to take those emotions online. You have nothing to gain by posting hateful comments about the other person or photos of you out partying every night, just to name a couple. In the end this will only hurt you, especially when children are involved.

4.) Taking the Other Person’s Property

Like emptying a bank account, it can be very satisfying initially to hide that family heirloom that belongs to your spouse. You can feel empowered selling your spouse’s favorite gun he inherited from his grandfather. The bottom line is, this property may not be something you can claim in the divorce.It will inevitably cause more problems for your attorney and you may be required to return the property or pay the other person the value of the property.

5.) Not listening to your attorney

You have hired counsel for a reason. LISTEN. Many of the things that feel overwhelming in this process are things we handle every day. We understand it’s emotional and you are experiencing a trying time, but that is why you have hired counsel; to think rationally for you. Trust your attorney and ALWAYS consult your attorney before taking any actions, especially in the topics covered above.